So Here We Are…

Well. This is it. This is my blog. And, quite honestly, I have no idea where to start. But here’s the thing. God has been putting this blog on my heart for about 2 years. And I only seriously started praying about it over the last 6 months. And in that time I’ve had about 10 people tell me I should write a blog. I don’t know math well enough to figure out if 10 people in 6 months is enough to actually warrant any sort of action on starting a blog. But I already paid the $48 fee for the next year. $48 of which I did not discuss with my husband (not because I’m sneaky- he’s in the field. If you don’t know what that means, buckle up butter cup. Welcome to Army life). I paid the $48 dollars…which hurt me in my heart of hearts. So I’m going to need to write around 6.2 million blog posts in the next 12 months for me to justify that amount.

Here’s the thing though. I feel like some of the things I write about may not be super interesting. Let me just be real. If you don’t like hearing about toddlers and how they scream in your face for having the audacity to not let them ride their bike down the stairs- this probably isn’t the place for you. If you don’t feel like waking up and reading about how that same toddler, God bless him, rolled his 10 month old sister in a blanket like a burrito and tried to push HER down the stairs- this also is not the place for you. If you have zero interest in what it means to navigate loving Jesus and tapping into his endless supply of grace because, at the end of the day, you have no literal skills to be more like him WITHOUT him, but you keep just trying your hardest- that’s fine, you should walk away now.

BUT if you want to read about a stay at home Army wife who’s loves her husband and kids but who is also kind of drowning in the fact that she misses her mom- then WELCOME! If you like eating bread, and drinking coffee, and are unbothered by run-on sentences, I’m particularly glad you’re here; and you’re officially my favorite reader- Congrats! If you enjoy a little humor mixed with a lot of “THIS IS WHAT MY ACTUAL LIFE LOOKS LIKE AND IT’S INSANE”- then pull up a chair and we can chat.

I’m just here learning. Learning to Sing in the Reign. Learning to hand it all over to the One whose hand is over all things. To be joyful in each moment of a life where we are not only promised hard things, but also the beautiful, all consuming, perfect grace of a Savior who Reigns over every second of this life.

So. Here we are. My blog. *Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn*


(Photo by Kristen Fondon Photography)

15 thoughts on “So Here We Are…

  1. Kandace tried to push Tyler down the stairs in his little walker. I will read your blog faithfully because it will put a smile on my face and warm my heart when you remind me of all God was blessing me with when my kids were young!


  2. Love it already Kalie!!!! Can’t wait for more posts 😊β™₯️😊β™₯️😊β™₯️😊


  3. Kalie, this is fantastic! I always enjoy your stories, comments, and just your funny take on life! Looking forward to following and being more connected to all of you.
    Dottie & Neil


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